BB MINAQUA commemorated the International day of people with disability – Veternik

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On 3rd Dec 2013, we commemorated the International Day of People with Disability with sports and cultural events. BB MINAQUA sponsored creative workshops followed by a competition in table tennis.

Under the initiative of the UN General Assembly, 3rd December has been celebrated since 1992. People with disabilities are faced with discrimination, prejudice, unemployment, isolation from the community, social difficulties, restricted movement and the inability of visiting many institutions with adjusted access, not only in our country but worldwide.

Center protégés showed their folklore skills in a commemorative show, and children with physical disabilities gave two recitals and rhythmic numbers “Planet Earth” and “Playful Heart”.

In a table tennis competition, center “Little Bee” from Kargujevac won the fifth place. The fourth place went to the host team, center “Sremčica“ from Belgrade won the third place, center “Heart in an Apple” from Pančevo took the second place, and the trophy went to the center “Old Lec” from Plandište.

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