BB MINAQUA – the absolute champion of quality three times in a row

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At 79th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, the commission in charge of evaluating quality in the category of mineral waters and soft drinks gave a high mark to the product range of BB MINAQUA Novi Sad (3 Medals of Quality Champions, 3 Grand Gold Medals and 13 Gold Medals), therefore this company was awarded the title of the Absolute Champion of Quality.

The biggest award of the Novi Sad Fair, BB MINAQUA won for the third time in a row, a testament of the unique quality. This prestigious award is the best proof that thanks to investment in new technology, excellent staff and the uniqueness of their products BB MINAQUA deserves the trust of its consumers.

BB MINAQUA in its product range offers carbonated water “MINAQUA Classic”, non-carbonated water “MINAQUA Life”, apple and cherry flavored soft drinks for children “Jodi”, as well as “Fructo” sodas with flavors of Mandarin, Orange, Lemon, Citron-Tonic and Cherry Cola.

The content of naturally dissolved iodine which is essential to everyone and especially recommended for better memory and concentration is what makes MINAQUA special compared to other mineral waters and soft drinks.

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