Consumer’s letter to MINAQUA

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We would like to thank Ms Vera Nešković from Vršac who sent us a letter. It represents not only another confirmation of our past work and investment in quality of our products, but also an obligation to continue to justify the trust of our loyal consumers.

“Dear employees,
I have had a desire to contact you for a long time now. I would like to wish you a Happy New Year. Since people always criticize something, I won’t do that, I want to commend you work. I am a loyal consumer, well, me and my not so small family, my husband and my three children. We consider your products to be another member of our family. You are present 100 percent. In our house, we don’t buy your products piece by piece, but in bulk! We are divided, my husband drinks carbonated water, my children drink Jodi and I only drink Limunada. They are of such good quality and very healthy. When we go shopping, the retailers already know by heart what we want. Your products are so good that they can be consumed both in summer and winter. If someone was to organize a poll to see what people drink in my home they would only find Minaqua products. We do not consume alcohol, only healthy beverages.
I work at a firm where women are the majority. I am trying to persuade them to stop using everything else and start consuming Minaqua mineral water and soft drinks so that they could be fit like me.
I could praise you so much more, but you are already aware of your quality, but I think the consumers have the advantage because you work for us!
Best regards from my family and we wish you would last and maybe offer us something new.
Thank you for existing!”

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