MINAQUA operates according to the highest world standards. Our ultimate goal is top quality water. For that very reason we own a production laboratory where we conduct quality control of all our products made every 11 minutes.


Ruder Boškovic Institute, the biggest Croatian research center, measured the radioactivity of the mineral water. The goal was to examine the quality. Results showed no trace of carbon (0%) which proves that the water is not contaminated by any pollutants of the modern age (combustion of fossil fuels since the end of the 19th century and emission of large amounts of radioactive material into the atmosphere).Additional analysis were made by Vizikutato Vizkemia Kft. laboratory from Budapest, Hungary. This laboratory once again confirmed the impeccable quality of the water and a high level of iodine.


MINAQUA received a HACCP Certificate, which enables export of our products world wide. MINAQUA also owns ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates which guarantee a high quality production.


MINAQUA received a Food Standard Agency Certificate (London, Great Britain), which proves that the quality of MINAQUA mineral water is in accordance with UN standards. This certificate allows MINAQUA to export it’s products to the EU market.