A new production facility Krones (9000 b/h 2l) was put into operation, which significantly increased the capacity of the factory.


Two new production facilities were put into operation, Sig Simonaci (14500 b/h 2l) and Thomas (2000 b/h 2l). In the same year, Ruder Boškovic Institute of Zagreb determined the age of water. The analysis did not detect the radioactive isotope C14 which indicates that the water is more than 32500 years old (that is also the detection limit of this method).


A new production facility, Sidel (16000 b/h 2l) was put into operation. MINAQUA was declared to be the best brand.


A record sales growth was achieved. Minaqua produced its billionth bottle which was sold at auction. The entire profit was given to the charity. In the same year, Minaqua complemented its range of products by launching a new brand – MINAQUA LIFE, natural non-carbonated mineral water.