Anatoly Karpov, the world champion in chess and UNICEF Ambassador of Goodwill, was one of the sponsors of the Chess Olympics for children, organized in Novi Sad several years in a row. The organizers were BB MINAQUA company, Novi Sad Chess Club, the Association of Mensa and the Standing Committee, “Children’s Chess Olympiad – the World Championships”.

For several years in a row, MINAQUA donated JODI soft drinks for New Year’s gifts for children who attend preschool. In December 2013 MINAQUA donated 17000 bottles of JODI.

In January, 2014, BB MINAQUA participated in providing help to the citizens of Užice who had no drinking water for weeks. Given the difficult situation they found themselves in, BB MINAQUA sent help in the form of 10000 liters of bottled water.